Our simple cremation package for $795 is available throughout Southwest Florida.  Our professional staff will collect your loved one, complete all necessary documentation, provide a quality cremation service and return the cremated remains to you.  We use our years of funeral service experience to guide you through the process.  We listen to your needs every step of the way and our belief is that a funeral should never cost more than what a family can afford!

What is included in the $795 cremation:

  • Collection of the deceased and transportation to our facility
  • Refrigeration prior to the cremation
  • Notifying Social Security
  • The cremation container
  • The cremation process
  • A temporary urn
Although Florida licenses Direct Disposers who may offer direct cremations at a low cost – we are NOT a Direct Disposer but have a Florida funeral establishment and can offer a full range of funeral services.  This means that we can offer you additional services if, and when, you require them.  We offer our basic cremation at $795 because we are not looking to nickel and dime the families we serve!

What you can expect from us

We are a professional team with a combined 50+ years of service in the funeral industry. 

We understand that every family, and every family’s needs, are different and we aim to cater to whatever your special requirements are.

We are a caring, compassionate team with experience of hospice work, counselling and are active in our community.  We listen to YOU.  We are NOT sales people and we do not believe in trying to sell you services that you do not need, and that will unnecessarily add to your total cost.

We understand the cultural diversity of the Southwest coast of Florida and can meet the needs of all faiths, and will always seek to fulfill any special requests.

How you can Memorialize without the Full Cost of a Funeral

Traditional funerals are expensive.  More families today are opting to use the services of a funeral home merely to conduct the cremation disposition and then arranging their own memorial services.  This can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars!  As family who better to deliver a ceremony that commemorates a loved one?  A simple, low cost cremation for $795 takes care of the disposition aspect of a funeral, and once you have the cremated remains, you can then you can plan your own memorial services as and when you choose.

By Your Side Every Step of the Way!

According to a NFDA survey in 2010 only 25% of adults have actually preplanned their funeral, so the majority of us are faced with making arrangements without any plans when a death occurs.    The vast majority of families we work with find themselves faced with the daunting task of sorting out a funeral for an unexpected death, or imminent death.  This is where our years of experience of the process can help you.  We can take away much of the immediate stress of “what do I do?” 

Making a dignified choice

Overpaying for funeral expenses is NOT dignified, and how much you can spend on a funeral should never be classed as a reflection of how much you cared about a loved one!  Our simple and professional services, offering your family a complete direct cremation service for just $795, enables you to conduct a dignified and affordable disposition.

More families today simply cannot afford expensive funeral and cremation services, or just do not want to spend unnecessarily on death care costs.
A simple cremation is a dignified yet affordable solution.  Cremation also offers more flexibility in handling arrangements.  The immediate disposition is taken care of yet family can choose many ways of memorializing as and when they feel ready.  This can take the form of a memorial service which does not have to be held in a funeral home but can be held in a range of locations. 


With a more mobile population in SWFL a simple direct cremation here also enables a loved ones remains to be easily and inexpensively transported back to another state.

What is a Direct Cremation?

The simple cremation service we offer is what is referred to as a ‘direct cremation’.  This is becoming a much more popular cremation alternative for families today who need to take care of a disposition without any fuss and for an affordable cost.

The deceased is collected from the place of death and transferred into the care of the crematory.  The body is prepared and held in refrigerated storage for 48 hours.  The death certificate is filed for and a cremation permit obtained and then the cremation is scheduled. 

A simple cremation container is used for the cremation and the cremated remains are returned in a temporary cardboard urn.  If the family wishes a different cremation urn can be purchased at an additional cost.

The cremated remains can be mailed to family via USPS at an additional cost, collected from the funeral/crematory premises or can be hand-delivered.*

*This can depend on the location and availability of staff. Please ask for more information.

Proudly Serving SouthWest Florida including: Bonita Springs, Bradenton, Cape Coral, Clearwater, Fort Myers, Largo, Lehigh Acres, Marco, Naples, North Fort Myers, North Port, Palm Harbor, Palmetto, Pinellas Park, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Sarasota, South Fort Myers, St Petersburg, Tampa, Venice

* There is a $100 service fee on all simple cremation packages

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